About the Church

The Master’s Place International Church (Church Unusual), is a dynamic Church with a congregation of undying passionate faith and commitment to the divine mandate of “rewriting the history of humanity by raising positive influencers.

We are a ministry of reformation, an army of change; a carpenter ministry where people are moulded, nurtured and released to take their place in destiny, influencing systems and structures; intellectually sound and spiritually balanced, empowered to take-over the kingdoms of this world and return them back to our God.

The Master’s Place International Church is not just a church but a LIFE COACH centre, where the love of God is demonstrated and the irreversible principles of God’s word is taught to help you take charge of life’s situations, which are mostly very complex.

We envision making greatness common in every sphere of human endeavours by discipling men and women; and our messages and services engender this.

The Master’s Place International Church is Reforming Destinies, Rebuilding Waste Places and Restoring Lost Glories; and numerous testimonies of transformed Lives, healed bodies and saved souls abound.


To raise an army of reformers who will influence life positively.

Our Mission

To Reform, Rebuild and Restore humanity and the planet earth back to glory, honour and dignity by raising influencers

“Reforming, Rebuilding and Restoring”

— Church Unusual

Our Ministers

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