Listed below are the departments that make up the workforce and their various functions:

The Master’s Ambassadors (Ushers): This is saddled with the responsibility of seeing to orderliness shortly before, during and immediately after church services and events.

Rivers of Joy (Choir): This is the music arm of the ministry. ROJ is responsible for the creation of pleasing music that will edify the church and glorify God.

The Lion’s Guard: This is the protocol unit of the ministry. The unit is saddled with the responsibility of maintaining etiquette and orderliness

The Master’s Marshall: The traffic/security department; with the responsibility of ensuring safety and orderliness in the church

King’s Kid: The King’s Kid is the children church; where children between six (6) months to twelve (12) years old are trained to become positive global giants.

Media Crew: This unit sees to it that quality Audio, Lighting and Visuals are put in place during church services and events. They produce church CDs, DVDs, Publications and Advert Materials. Reaching an ever increasing internet audience is also their responsibility.

The Master’s Touch: This refers to the beautification unit of the ministry.

The Power Squad: This refers to the prayer team of the ministry. It is considered the engine room of the ministry.

House Keepers: This is the sanitation unit of the ministry. The department is saddled with the responsibility of seeing to the cleanliness of the sanctuary.They also work in liaison with the ambassadors in proper arrangement of the sanctuary in preparation for services and events.

Pace Setters: This refers to the youth fellowship of the ministry.

First Ladies Club: This is a fellowship of all ladies above eighteen years old.

Men’s Club: Refers to the men’s fellowship of the ministry.All men above eighteen are legible for this group.

The Samaritan Army: This is the ministry’s community outreach unit.It sees to solving important human problems by helping the community overcome such challenges as hunger, deprivation,and natural disasters.

It should be noted that all departments are considered as simple parts that make up a single body called THE MASTER’S PLACE. Hence, no department is independent or superior to others.

Ministries: This is relating to various arms of the church as a ministry. (It may be a good place to talk about Samaritan Kitchen, Hope Givers Int.  e.t.c)