TMP….. A Place for Everyone

The Master’s Place International Church is a place for everyone; divers tribes and race, as we are genuinely concern for your total transformation and wellbeing; spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, etc ,and we are structured to foster your all round development and success; helping you maximize your God- given potentials.

THE MASTER’S PLACE HOME CONNECT: Is the Cell Fellowship of the Church, where members meet for bonding. It provides an opportunity for everyone to experience love first hand, as we provoke one another to good works and all round development.

It is targeted at raising a network of positive influencers, giving everyone the right to be well catered for spiritually, mentally and emotionally; preventing everyone from being lost in the crowd.

[Visit the Home Connect Stand to LOCATE and CONNECT to the nearest Home Connect group]

MEN’S CLUB: – Our men’s fellowship consisting of all men from the age of eighteen is designed to prepare men as real fathers, loving husbands, good sons and caring brothers.

Here, God continues to bring clarity and colour to every man’s life to fulfill destiny, as the head of the body and so important to God.

1st LADIES CLUB: – Our women’s fellowship consisting of all women/Ladies above eighteen, like our men, our ladies are prepared as role models, virtuous mothers, respectful daughters, and loving sisters.

We believe that by meeting together, we can grow together, encourage one another, speak life to one another, and share in each other’s burden as well as one another’s joy. Our 1st Ladies Club encourages fellowship and breed love among all women/ladies.

PACESETTERS: – Our youth and singles fellowship is where everyone youthful at heart (married or single) is raised to be mentally focused and confident; emotionally stable and morally upright without compromise; useful and productive leaders; reformers and positive influencers.

By fellowshipping together, great potentials are discovered and maximized, as a graceful breed and take-over generation is raised.

THE KING’S KID:-The Junior (children) Church is where children from 6months- 12 years are raised to become global positive giants; by helping them develop a relationship with God in their tender age, through sound Christian faith and values teachings mixed with fun and excitement.

We believe every child is unique and created by God with their own personality, gifts and abilities; and we encourage and help every child to grow and maximize this divine investment in them through the ministry of well trained gifted teachers and care- givers.

The King’s Kid Church in The Master’s Place International Church, provides an environment where children are happy to spend time on Sundays, and even looking forward to the next with rapt attention.

All the ministries at The Master’s Place have one thing in common; fellowship and raising positive influencers. We create fantastic opportunities and programmes for our Men, Women, Youths and Children to get together to seek God, Celebrate His faithfulness, and be empowered to establish His kingdom here on earth.